Call for images for documentary Lelacoders

This is a call to share images,audio and/or videos dealing with gender and ICT, women doing and thinking technologies, sysadmins, phreakers and makers too. In the next months, some work will be achieved to edit and finalise a documentary about the contributions of women to computer sciences and more concretely to free software and hackers cultures. Lelacoders is a cyberfeminist and activist research project developed by the informal collective
In the past three years, we have travel around (barcelona, gijon, madrid, sevilla, amsterdam, berlin, tunes, sao paolo) in order to interview in a voluntary base 25 women developers to know what they do, why, how and thus get closer to their pathways and perceptions of technologies and their development. You can find more information in the N-1 group of the project and in this article in english resuming the research until now.
Lelacoders has been granted for the first time support from Studio XX during the months of April and May 2013. During this time we aim at capturing and editing the interviews, develop an animation of the HerStory in Computer Sciences, think better the script and also prepare a crowdfunding campaign for later. Half of the amount will be invested in infrastructure in order to launch a center for training to audiovisual production with free software tools in Calafou. The other half will be used to end the documentary, make the post-production and translations and make its diffusion in internet under a license CC BY- SA (Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike).
If you know somebody, or you are yourself counting with some graphic or audiovisual material that could be of interest to this documentary (e.g actions, talks, workshops, gender and ict festivals, ladyfests, hacker camps etc) please contact us so we can give you more details about where you can upload it and in order to label the material (where, when, who) and provide details about authoring in case it appears in the last version. The final aim is to count with more audiovisual resources as currently the major part of contents are interviews which are not enough to give an idea of the richness of the current situation.
Please spread this call slowly, think in the persons that could have a real interest for it and do not share it within commercial social networks platforms 😉
Thank you very much!


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